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Civil Litigation

When seeking an end to a legal matter, there are many different methods of dispute resolution that may be used. No matter what process you choose, you need the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney to guide you.

Since 1985, our attorneys at the law office of Gerard Glass & Associates, P.C., have handled cases by litigation and arbitration as a means of conflict resolution. Though we are skilled negotiators, we pride ourselves on our litigation skills. Our legal team is made up of experienced trial lawyers, able to develop and present compelling arguments to a judge or jury.

When necessary, we can and will litigate a case from pretrial discovery, to trial in state or federal courts, and in any appeals when necessary. We offer:

  • Pre-litigation and litigation advice and counseling
  • Prosecution and defense of civil actions
  • Arbitration representation and mediation assistance
  • Representation and defense in administrative and agency proceedings

We have litigated at the trial and/or appellate level a broad variety of disputed matters, including:

  • Banking
  • Business matters
  • Contract disputes
  • Estates and probate matters
  • Insurance coverage
  • Municipal law
  • Real estate
  • Zoning and land use

Our office has the best technological legal research resources available. There is no room to skimp when important matters such as this are at stake.

Call 631-321-1400, or contact a civil litigation attorney at Gerard Glass & Associates, P.C., today to discuss your issues and learn how our services may be tailored to suit the requirements of your case.